South Fork Instruments LogoSouth Fork Instruments is a foremost supplier of instrumentation and control products and services. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding the expectations of all our customers and provide expert and experienced support for our products. Our professional, experienced team will work with you to identify, supply, and implement innovative, high-quality solutions to your measurement and control needs.

South Fork Instruments provide instrumentation for customers in all market areas, including oil and gas, chemical production, power generation, plastics, mining, water and waste water, pharmaceuticals, biotech, food and beverage, and general industrial production.

Our highly trained staff is focused on solving the measurement problems of our customers throughout the factory and process automation fields. Through effective and in-depth communication, we provide practical solutions to our customer’s measurement needs.

Customer satisfaction is our goal.

About Our Brands

Rheonik is a leading manufacturer of Coriolis mass flow meters with a solid reputation throughout industry for high quality, reliable flow products. Rheonik started making Coriolis mass flow meters in 1984 with the introduction of the Omega shaped Coriolis sensor.

kemtrak process instruments distributed in Fremont, CA

Kemtrak is a cutting edge optical technology company manufacturing a range of high quality industrial photometric analyzers for real-time reliable measurements. Kemtrak provides photometric analyzers with superior accuracy and stability and without price premium.

Refex products represent a revolutionary advance in pH and ORP measurement technology that solves the key weakness of the reference electrode in traditional probe designs. Refex Electrodes are manufactured in Westport in the Republic of Ireland by a highly experienced team.

EXNER process equipment sold by South Fork Instruments in Pleasanton, CA.

Exner Process Equipment provide the precision and innovation expected in products designed and manufactured in Germany. Applicable across ever industry, E-P-E probe housings are the most widely used and give the very best in customer satisfaction everywhere while their range of NIR optical probes fill a gap in the market for cost-effective, reliable detection.

Hycontrol Level Measurement Solutions Logo
Charis Logo

Hycontrol have a wide range of level products from simple switches all the way to latest technology radar devices plus specialty measurements such as foam detection. Recognized as experts in level measurement, Hycontrol have the correct solution for each and every one of your level applications. Backed by their global service and support, your satisfaction with their products is guaranteed. Hycontrol products are manufactured in their ISO9000 registered facility in Redditch, England.