Pressure up to 23,000 psi

¼" to 12" line sizes

Coriolis Flow Meters

Rheonik manufactures the world’s most comprehensive range of Coriolis Mass Flow meters. The Rheonik meter range features line sizes ranging from ¼” up to 12” and covers flow rates from 3 gram/min up to 30,000 kg/min. Credited with being the first company to produce large and high pressure Coriolis products, Rheonik continues to innovate and break the barriers of high accuracy flow measurement. With temperature ratings from -325°F to 750°F and max pressure ratings of 20000psi, Rheonik can supply metering for almost any application.


Unlike many other flow meter manufacturers, Rheonik only make Coriolis meters – we are The Coriolis Experts – and your purchase of a Rheonik Mass Flow solution is supported globally by engineering professionals with many years of experience in metering and measurement instrumentation.

Rheonik Omega Tube Coriolis Sensors

Flow Range

With sizes available to fit line sizes from ¼” to 12”, Rheonik always have a meter to meet your requirements.

Line Size Options

A wide range of process connections are available to suit most applications. Where a special fitting or weld-in-place is required, Rheonik can provide engineering services and custom design the right inlet/outlet arrangement for your needs.

Material Options and Pressure Ratings

A range of wetted materials is offered as standard, each with its own set of pressure ratings depending upon line size. Custom materials are always possible through our engineering group.

» Rheonik Sensor Line-up

RHE12 Coriolis Meter
RHE08 Transmitter
RHE26 Transmitter
RHE27 Transmitter

Rheonik Coriolis Flow Transmitters

Process Series

Rheonik process mass flow transmitters have clear, easy to read local displays and intuitive, menu driven set-up and configuration functions. All include diagnostics for fault finding and performance tuning. Features include low flow cutoff, response time, multiple I/O, selectable units and output range scaling capabilities. All settings are stored in non-volatile memory and I/O is galvanically or optically isolated.

» Rheonik Process Series Transmitter Line-up

OEM Series

The RHE14 and RHE16 are low cost, compact and ideal for embedded OEM applications. I/O includes 4-20mA, pulse, flow direction and digital data communications. Programming and configuration is through supplied PC software

» Rheonik OEM Series Transmitter Line-up

Have an Application?

Let Rheonik give you a solution – download an application data sheet, fill in your process specifications and send it to us. We’ll come back to you with a configuration that will suit your needs.

Need Support?

Need a manual or additional information on your Rheonik Coriolis Meter?

large coriolis flow meter
coriolis flow meter


With sizes ranging from fractional tube up to 12″ pipe diameter and with extreme pressure / temperature ratings, Rheonik meters provide accurate, reliable and consistent measurement throughout industry.


Typical Applications Include:

  • Crude Oil 
  • Polyurethane Components
  • Asphalt/Bitumen
  • Liquid Bromine
  • Coolant
  • Lubricating Oils
  • Cement
  • Solvents
  • Waste Streams
  • Fruit Juice/Beverages
  • Cryogenic Gas Flow (CNG, H2, O2, CO2)


Rheonik Coriolis Flow Meters can be used in many different applications for provide accurate and reliable flow measurement, improving process efficiency, reducing downtime, and improving product quality.

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coriolis flow meter technologyThe Omega Tube Coriolis Meter provides some tremendous benefits over other designs.

Check out our technology section and see for yourself why Omega Tube Coriolis Meters make sense

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