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NIR Optical Sensors

Exner Process Equipment optical process sensors are designed for measuring absorbance in liquids. Utilizing light in the NIR region, the unique monolithic structure of the optical unit provides unrivaled repeatability and measurement accuracy. Exner optical sensors are found installed in food and beverage applications, in chemical plants, and in biotech and pharmaceutical processes.

EXspect NIR Absorbance Process and Turbidity Probes

EXspect NIR probes are designed to be used in cleaning and mixing control schemes where feedback about fluid condition is needed before a process step change can be made. Two versions are available, one with a simple 0 – 100% scale adjusted to the process and the other calibrated to known standards such as Formazin that gives a readout in engineering units. Both are available as direct inline fit or with extended probe length so they can be used with Exner EXtract and EXtract-M sensor housings. Available with or without display, the units are easy to install and configure and have a variety of connectivity options for control system hook-up.

EXspect probes are configurable with a variety of lengths, process connections and optical path lengths to ensure the optimum solution is provided for each application. Where installation fittings are needed, the EXspect range can be fully integrated into your plant with one of the wide variety of EXstatic and EXtract ranges of adapters and housings.

» EXpect NIR Absorbance Probe Line-up

NIR Absorbance Probe
NIR Absorbance Probe from South Fork Instruments
EXcell 230
EXcell 240
EXcell 230

EXcell NIR Biomass Probe for Biopharmaceutical Process Monitoring

EXcell sensors are high precision digital NIR-absorbance devices designed specifically for monitoring biomass measurement from small scale laboratory work to full scale production process in the biotech, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. Sensors consist of an optical head and built-in amplifier/electronic unit designed around a standard 12mm probe footprint similar to pH and DO probes. Connectivity is through RS485 and USB with configuration through a PC-based EXpert software package. Accessories are available to integrate EXcell sensors into supervisory control systems and data collection devices.

EXcell probes are available with a variety of insertion lengths, process connections and optical paths to allow ultimate flexibility when applying them to existing and new plant. Where installation fittings are needed, EXcell probes are fully compatible with the EXstatic and EXtract range of adapters and housings giving confidence that everything will fit and that hygienic properties will be maintained

EXcap DB
EXcap 110
EXcap 110

EXcap 110 – Calibration/Verification Filter Accessory

EXcap 110 provides a series of hard media filters for optical checking and adjustment of all EXspect and EXcell series optical probes

  • All filters are NIST traceable
  • Convenient storage case provides protection for filter assemblies
  • Each set can be provided with any number of filters from the following selection:
    • 0,35 AU / 290 EBC / 1070 NTU / 45% turbidity range
    • 1 AU / 1100 EBC / 4400 NTU / 90% turbidity range
    • 2 AU / 2200 EBC / 8800 NTU / 99% turbidity range
    • 3 AU / 3300 EBC / 13200 NTU
    • 4 AU / 4400 EBC
    • 5 AU / 5500 EBC

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