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PowerMon SPX

The Bran+Luebbe Analyzer Division from SPX Flow Technology offers the highest-quality, on line measuring instruments for water analysis requirements. The reliability, operational safety, and flexibility of Bran+Luebbe analyzers have established the brand as an industry standard worldwide.


Designed to have the lowest possible operating costs, Bran+Luebbe analyzers are renowned for their miserly reagent usage. Smart diagnostics provide a check on whether the analyzer measurements make sense. If all is good, the analyzers work tirelessly to provide you with the data you need. If something seems off (like a blocked sample line or the reagent needs replenishing), the analyzer signals the problem so you can get up and running again quickly and without fuss.


Bran+Luebbe PowerMon on-line analyzers, in conjunction with Ceraclean filtration systems, cope with the most difficult wastewater applications, such as effluent streams from chemical, food and pulp & paper plants. PowerMon analyzers can be configured for multi-channel, multi-parameter measurement requirements to provide a cost-effective, integrated measurement and control station complete with a color graphical touchscreen display for ease of operation. PowerMon analyzers are supplied in waterproof housings complete with a secure space for reagent supplies and accessories.


At the other end of the spectrum, there are many different applications where clean and ultra clean water is produced and maintained. Examples range from potable water to steam generation systems. Although they all have common elements of feed water treatment, the drive towards higher efficiency results in ever more complex systems. PowerMon analyzers can measure the key performance parameters at every stage of the process, from incoming water hardness measurement to silicates with a sub-ppb detection limit.

PowerMon NG Analyzer

The Bran+Luebbe PowerMon NG analyzer platform provides the basis of a variety of measurement techniques to cover the widest possible application set available. Photometry, Spectrophotometry, Titration and Electrochemical analysis techniques are used in conjunction with standard chemical buffers and reagents to determine the concentration of substances via continuous sample streams in the process and environmental applications. Multiple techniques can be combined in a single analyzer. In addition, other sensors (e.g. oxygen, pH, redox, conductivity etc.) can be included and monitored within a PowerMon NG to provide enhanced control capabilities at very low additional cost. The PowerMon NG platform is ideally suited for locations where the measurement of multiple parameters is required from a common sample stream(s). Each PowerMon analyzer can sample and analyze up to 6 sample streams.

The PowerMon NG product family offers real-time reliable measurement solutions with the lowest maintenance overheads in the industry. Key measurement and detection technologies implemented in the analyzer platform provide extended, unmonitored runtime capabilities while predictive diagnostic routines provide guidance and warnings to reduce the occurrence of unplanned downtime.

PowerMon NG analyzers have flexible I/O capability and can be used for control functions such as actuation and control of metering pumps, valves etc. Built-in high capacity data logging will archive measurement data for download onto a USB memory device in remote installations. Connectivity to supervisory control systems is through conventional analog outputs or through bus data communications technology.

When used for outflows from municipal and industrial treatment plants, PowerMon functions as a compliance monitor to ensure [legally] prescribed discharge limits are met.

Data communications capability is provided for remote operation and locally, Analyzers can be operated through their graphical color touch screen.

  • Up to 6 sample streams with one analyzer
  • Available methods:
    • Ionometer – Ion Selective Sensors
    • Kolorimeter – Photometric Absorbance/Color Measurement
    • Titrometer – Concentration Measurement by Titration
    • Spectrometer – Photometric Absorbance/Transmission at Multiple Wavelengths
  • Direct connection of additional sensors – oxygen, pH, redox, conductivity etc. for increased functionality and performance
  • Minimum operating cost – very low reagent consumption
  • Operates external actuators for control
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Self-monitoring system with advanced diagnostics
  • Network connection capability
  • Graphical user interface with interactive Touch Screen operation
  • Update operating software/download data with USB memory stick
  • Optional Reagent cabinets
  • Compact, portable unit available
  • Typical Applications
    • Silicates in water
    • Low level sodium in pure water
    • Acid concentration and acid capacity
    • Chlorine
    • Metals
    • Phosphate
    • Nitrate
    • Contaminants
    • Salts
    • Many, many more…..
PowerMon SPX

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