Rheonik Omega Tube Sensors

The Rheonik Flow Meter Range

The Rheonik flow sensor range is one of the most expansive available. With line size connections from ¼” to 12”, the range of flow covered is second to none. Calibrated to perform with uncertainties down to 0.1% of rate, Rheonik Omega design sensors provide precise and reliable measurement in thousands of applications around the world.

Meter Range Overview

Small Scale Meters

Up to 50 kg/min (110 lbs/min) / ~13 GPM of Water

Models RHM015L to RHM08
¼” to 1” line sizes
Small footprint – ideal for embedded systems and precise small flow applications

Small Coriolis Flow Meters

Process Scale Meters

Up to 1500 kg/min (3400 lbs/min) / ~400 GPM of Water

Models RHM12 to RHM40
1” to 3” line sizes
Suited to industrial and process flow control and monitoring

Full Scale Meters

Up to 25000 kg/min (55115 lbs/min) / ~6600 GPM of Water

Models RHM60 to RHM160
4” to 12” line sizes
Perfect for material movements in small and wide scale operations

Flow Ranges

Rheonik meters are sized to cover overlapping ranges all the way from a few drips a minute up to a raging torrent! Select a meter to cover your usual operating flow range.

Coriolis Flow Ranges

Process Connections

Only Rheonik offers so many different process connections as standard. The versatile design of the Rheonik Omega tube meter provides a perfect platform for customization and specialization. When sizing a meter, don’t consider the process connection size as the primary requirement. Rheonik meters can always be fitted with a larger fitting, so select a meter based upon your required flow range first for the best possible performance. Contact us for your specific requirements.

Coriolis Meters Process Connections

Pressure Drop

Pressure drop through a Coriolis meter is a fact of life. Here is an estimate of the pressure drop you can expect through a Rheonik Coriolis flow meter when measuring water flow.

Pressure Drop Coriolis Meters

Wetted Material Availability

Rheonik offer a wide range of wetted materials to suit a multitude of applications. The unique design of the Rheonik Omega Tube Coriolis meter allows many other materials to be used as a custom service for applications with specific needs. Contact us with your requirements.

Wetted Material Availability