Kemtrak Suspended Solids Analyzers

The Kemtrak NBP007 is a high resolution backscatter photometer that revolutionizes the measurement of high concentration suspended solids.


Many suspended solids analyzers in the market are limited to measurements in the range 0 – 10% TSS. Turbidity based scatter instruments will work up to approximately 1% suspended solids before high optical density blinds them. These limitations are overcome with the NBP007 and for the first time, operators can monitor and have complete control over their process at any concentration up to 80% solids.


The Kemtrak NBP007 analyzer was primarily designed for the food and beverage industry where high solids concentrations can be found in many applications but is equally applicable in industry and can be applied to any slurry or waste stream. Use in hazardous area applications and enclosed spaces is simple with the fiber optic probe (no electrical/electronic components onboard).


  • 0.0005% (5NTU) … 80% suspended solids
  • Zero maintenance
  • Proprietary NIR Measurement technique
  • Display in NTU, FTU, ppm, mg/l, g/l or %
  • Robust hygienic Triclamp probe or Ø12mm PG13.5 pH probe footprint immersion probe designed for CIP processes
  • Analogue output (0/4-20 mA)
  • Modbus (slave) over TCP/IP & Profibus (optional)
  • Local & web based graphical user interface (TCP/IP)

Is Kemtrak Right for Your Application?

Let Kemtrak give you a solution – download an application data sheet, fill in your process specifications and send it to us. We’ll come back to you with a configuration that will suit your needs.

Probe Styles

Kemtrak Backscatter Probes come in two distinct packages:

1” Sanitary Triclamp flanged insertion probe

12mm x 120mm pH probe style insertion probe

Measurement Principle

The Kemtrak NBP007 comprises a high performance near infrared photometer coupled to a precision fiber optic backscatter measurement probe allowing the accurate measurement of suspended solids from dilute to extremely high concentration.

The Kemtrak NBP007 backscatter photometer overcomes limitations with traditional turbidity based optical density instruments as it utilizes a proprietary backscatter NIR measurement technology that can measure extremely high suspended solids concentrations.

A unique benefit of the Kemtrak NBP007 is that it will not go blind at high sample concentration. Other probes will stop working at around 4 000 NTU/FNU (< 1 wt% solids) after which the signal will decrease resulting in an erroneous and misleading output.

The output of the Kemtrak NBP007 will continue to increase with sample concentration ensuring a reliable measurement.


Suspended Solids Analyzer Graph


The Kemtrak NBP007 utilizes a robust industrial backscatter probe with a sapphire window in either a hygienic Triclamp connection or Ø12mm PG13.5 pH style probe. Fiber optics are used to deliver light to the measurement point and back; the measurement probe contains no electronics or serviceable parts.